Planning & Regeneration

Planning Background

Planning permission was granted for the regeneration of the former Southall Gasworks on the 29th September 2010 by the Greater London Authority (GLA), on behalf of the London Boroughs of Ealing and Hillingdon (Planning ref P/2008/3981 and 54814/APP/2009/430).

The application was submitted by National Grid Property Limited, the owners of the site at the time.

Outline planning permission has been granted for the regeneration of the site for a residential-led mixed use development. This will include new homes, a hotel, a cinema, office and retail space, and leisure, healthcare and education facilities as well as new high quality public realm.

Detailed planning permission has been secured for the new accesses into the site, including the creation of a new road entrance off Pump Lane, a new access onto South Road, and two new and one improved access onto Beaconsfield Road. Pedestrian and cycle improvements are also proposed, including new links from the site into Springfield Road and The Minet Country Park.

St James acquired the site from National Grid Property Limited in June 2014 and will be bringing forward the development of the site over the next 30 years.

Full details of historic applications can
be found here.

Land Assembly

To create the new accesses and improve the local road network it will be necessary to acquire additional land interests adjoining the site.

St James is working to secure the land required to deliver the site accesses in negotiation with those whose land ownerships are affected. The Greater London Authority (GLA) has resolved to use their Compulsory Purchase Powers to accelerate the delivery of this regeneration scheme. More information on this process can be found at the
GLA’s website.